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Shamrock Art Project – Clover Craft Idea

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Shamrock Art Project - St. Patrick's day art ideaTypically I don’t do too many craft projects for St. Patrick’s day but I wanted to make something that was happy and colorful that could be displayed all year round. This shamrock art project is an easy acrylic painting that can be done by all skill levels. See below for the exact supplies used and the step-by-step painting directions. This post contains affiliate links, and I may be compensated if you make a purchase through my link. See full disclosure here.

Shamrock Art Project Supplies

Directions for St. Patrick’s Day Painting

  1. Start with paint directly on the wood shamrock for the background. I used green and blue acrylic paint. 
  2. Using the paint scraper, swipe across to blend the colors. Swipe off the scraper as you go from green to blue. 
  3. Let the background dry completely and then add paint for the rainbow. Use the paint scraper to create the rainbow. I scraped 3 colors at a time. 
  4. At the bottom of the rainbow add some gold paint. 
  5. For the flowers gather a bundle of Q-Tips with an elastic tie. I used about 10 Q-Tips for each bundle and made 4 bundles.
  6. Add yellow flowers first by dipping the Q-Tips directly into the paint. Dab the paint on a scratch piece of paper first so you don’t have too much on your Q-Tips.
  7. Next add orange and purple flowers. Also add a line of dark green flowers along the horizon line. 
  8. For the clouds first add white clouds using a paintbrush. And then add light pink to the bottom of each cloud. Shamrock Art Project - St. Patrick's day art ideaShamrock Art Project - St. Patrick's day art ideaThis shamrock painting idea is a great St. Patrick’s Day art idea but you could also just paint it any time of year. For more painting ideas, check out this abstract heart painting idea and this sloth painting idea.Shamrock Art Project - St. Patrick's day art idea

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