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Easy Abstract Art Painting Techniques for Beginners

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I absolutely love painting abstract designs on wooden cut-outs with different art materials. These easy abstract painting ideas are great for all artistic abilities and ages. The best part is that when you’re done you’ll have beautiful DIY abstract wall art to display in your home. See below for a variety of ways to create easy DIY abstract art using several different painting techniques and learn the best supplies to use and directions for making your own painted abstract designs.

Easy Abstract Painting Ideas

Best Supplies for Easy Abstract Painting Ideas

Abstract Art Tutorials

See below for the step by step process for creating your DIY own abstract  painting using of the abstract painting techniques shown.

Paint Scraper Abstract Painting

The paint scraping technique is create for creating texture and layers with you paint. This is a wonderful option for beginners.  For this technique it’s great to choose many different colors and different shades within each color family.

  1. For this technique I started with acrylic paint directly on the heart. I put a variety of rainbow colors along the left side of the heart and then used white paint lines poured directly from the paint tube on the right. 
  2. I used a paint scraper that I picked up at the dollar store. (You could also use an old credit card).
  3. After each swipe across I wiped the paint off the paint scraper and repeated the step for the next set of colors.

4. After most of the heart was covered I went back and filled in the areas that were uncovered by just moving the wet paint around with the scraper. 

Easy Abstract Art Idea

I also used this same abstract art technique on a wooden egg cutout. Easy Abstract Art Idea

Rainbow DIY Abstract Painting with a Paint Brush

This is a great technique for beginners and younger artists who are looking for a fun and easy abstract art idea.

  1. I started with the acrylic paint in rainbow colors across the entire top of this painted heart. I used this wooden heart. This is another great wooden heart option.
  2. Using these paint brushes I swiped down each section with a different paintbrush for each section.
  3. Instead of washing off the brushes I left the paint on them to dry and them hung them up in my craft room as decor.

Easy Abstract Painting Ideas - Painted HeartsEasy Abstract Painting Ideas - Painted Hearts

Palette Knife Abstract Painting

This abstract painted hear was made using a palette knife. The palette knife helps create a textured mix of colors. I used this wooden heart. This is another great wooden heart option. See the full step-by-step tutorial for this palette knife heart here

Easy Abstract Painting Ideas

Color Wheel Abstract Painting

You don’t have to overthink abstract art. Put some colors on your canvas or a wooden heart like this project and blend them together to create a beautiful color wheel effect. Get tips and the exact steps to recreate this project here.

Easy Abstract Painting Ideas - Painted Hearts

Abstracting Painting FAQs

What else could I use these abstract techniques on?

Wood isn’t the only surface I’ve used these abstract painting techniques on. I’ve also used them on Christmas ornaments, painted rocks, eggs and on canvases. They would also be great to use on fabric bags or fabric pouches. Even items from the thrift store like old mirrors and wooden objects are great for abstract art.

How do I get ideas for DIY abstract artwork?

This is probably the easiest part about creating. Don’t overthink your art. Sometimes the best way to create abstract art is to just put a bunch of paint on a canvas and start painting. Play around with different tools. You don’t always have to use a paintbrush. Tryout paint rollers or sponges to create a different texture look. Have fun with the process and just enjoy the time you spend creating.

See how many ways you can create easy abstract art. Make sure you are following along with me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok to see more colorful and crafty projects. And be sure to come share your finished craft. I love sharing pictures of my tutorials that have been made.

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