Heart Dish Craft

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This is a great craft when you want to make a pretty DIY gift but you don’t want something that will take too long or require too many supplies. Even if you have never decoupaged before, you will be able to make your own ring heart dish by using napkins and decoupage glue by following the step-by-step directions in this tutorial.

Use your finished heart trinket dish as a ring dish or decor. This is a great DIY Valentine’s Day gift but could be made at any time for any occasion just by changing up the decoupage napkin designs.

Heart ring dish craft made with decoupaged napkins


Directions for Heart Ring Dish Craft

Step 1. Start by separating the napkin so that it is only 1-ply. Most napkins are 2-3 ply.

Step 2.

Dip a paintbrush in water and use it to draw an outline around the image you want to use. This step makes it easier to tear the napkin without ruining the image. Make sure the napkin area you’re using is larger than the ring dish. (NOTE: You can just easily cut the area out of the napkin using scissors and skip this step to make it easer).

Step 3. Tear the napkin along the outline you just made.

Step 4. Next, place the napkin printed side down on top of a piece of Saran wrap. Add Mod Podge to the napkin using a paintbrush. Make sure to use a light touch so as to not tear the napkin.

Decoupaging a heart ring dish with napkins

Step 5. Pick up the Saran Wrap and turn it over and place it directly onto the item you are decoupaging onto. With the Saran Wrap in place, smooth out the wrinkles and air bubbles, pressing down with your fingers. 

Step 6. Carefully remove the Saran Wrap.

Step 7. Lightly touch up any areas of the napkin that are still raised with a paint brush and Mod Podge.

Using a napkin to decoupage a heart ring dish

Step 8. For the leftover napkin edges, wait for them to dry and then use a nail file to remove them.

Step 8. Add rhinestones to the outline of the heart dish.

Step 9. Enjoy your beautiful new heart ring dish.

Heart dish decoupaged with a napkin with rhinestones added to the border
ring dish covered with napkins

How to Customize Your Ring Dish

  • You can use different colored paint for the border of the dish. I like metallics as they contrast well with the napkins.
  • Cut out images from a napkin, like butterflies and flowers, instead of using the entire napkin.
  • Personalize the heart dish with a letter for a keepsake.
  • Use a variety of napkins on one dish to create a collage style design.
  • Try using tissue paper instead of napkins.
  • Use this technique to decoupage a shell or decoupage rocks.

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