DIY Picture Frame Craft

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I love a good DIY picture frame craft, especially one that has so many options. With just a few supplies you can create a colorful frame that looks like it is covered in frosting!

You may have seen a similar looking crafting style to this frame done on phone cases. This type of crafting is called decoden crafting and originated in Japan. It first began as way to decorate phone cases with embellishments, cabochons and other colorful trinkets. Now decoden crafting has expanded to many other types of surfaces and items.

This easy DIY picture frame project can be customized with many different embellishment options and colors. Create a unique frame that can be added for home decor or given as a gift. Follow this easy tutorial to make your own diy picture frames.

DIY Picture Frame Craft

DIY Picture Frame Supplies


Step 1. Firstly, pick a picture frame you want to work with. I used an inexpensive, flat wooden frame, but you could use any type of frame you’d like. Just be sure that you have a large enough area on the frame for adding the embellishments.

Wood frame for crafting

Step 2. Paint the frame with a solid base color. I used white acrylic paint for the back ground. Depending upon how much whipped clay you add, you may not even see the background.

Step 3. Next add the whipped clay to the entire frame to give the effect of frosting. Another option is to only outline the frame in craft frosting.

Step 4. Once the clay frosting has been adding, place your charms on top of the frosting. You only need to slightly press down. I recommend getting an idea of where you want to put the embellishments before you start adding them as it can be a bit messy to move them.

Step 5. Finally, let your finished frame dry for 24 hours and then add a cute picture to your photo frame or even a piece of artwork to give it and even more personalized touch.

DIY Picture frame craft covered in clay frosting and embellishments

These simple diy frames make such great gifts especially when they are handmade. This diy picture frame craft would be great for a birthday party craft or a craft get together with friends.

More Ways to Customize Your Frame

  • Change up the background color. You could even use black paint or a darker color for more contrast.
  • Try different colors of whipped clay.
  • Pick a color theme and use different hues of the same color.
  • Look for frames that come in fun shapes.
  • Add rhinestones, clay slices, buttons, small toys or any other small type of embellishment.

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