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11 Craft Room Organization Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

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Is your craft room looking like a bomb exploded? Do you have piles of craft supplies strewn about in a disorderly fashion and can’t seem to find anything? Having a disorganized craft space can stifle your creative flow. However, a few simple craft room organization ideas can transform your space while igniting those creative juices. Keep reading to uncover craft room organization ideas that will transform your space!

Craft room organization

Craft room organization ideas

Unique Organization Ideas to Organize Your Craft Room

All of these ideas are taken from my very own craft room. It’s not just a bunch of staged photos, these pictures are the practical storage solutions I use for my day to day craft projects. Plus see how I set up my craft studio to take pictures of my DIY creations and film videos!

Use Organization Cubes as Shelving

Craft Room Organization with IKEA square shelves

You can find organization cubes almost anywhere. This exact storage is a bookcase I found at Ikea. Here are a few similar options you can find on Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. I love using organization cubes as shelving to organize my craft materials. As you can see from the picture above, I put smaller organization materials like these white baskets that come in different sizes into each cube to maximize my space.

Fabric storage bins are a great option too. In addition, I also use the top of the cube organizer for extra organization space. I love that these cubes are the perfect size to fit everything I need and make the room look more put together.

Transform a Makeup Turntable Organizer Into a Mini Craft Station

Organizing craft supplies with a makeup turntable

I use these Makeup Turntable Organizers to create a mini craft station for essentials. For example, I put my favorite pens, markers, craft tape, and scissors in the organizer to quickly locate them and swivel the organizer for added accessibility. The best thing about these organizers is that they’re clear, so you can quickly find what you need!

Use Acrylic Pen/Pencil Holders to Organize Craft Pens/Markers


Craft Room Organization using acrylic containers to hold pens

Acrylic pen/pencil holders like this one and this one are perfect for storing craft markers, pens, pencils, etc. As you can see from the picture above, I use these clear holders to neatly store my craft supplies so that they’re easy to find! I love these acrylic holders because you can stack them on top of one another, side-by-side, or use them individually.

Maximize Your Craft Room Organization Space with Rolling Storage Carts

Storage carts on wheels next to a small next to create an organized craft space

White raft room organization cart filled with supplies

I use rolling storage carts to maximize my space and easily move my supplies around if I need to. For example, I use this colorful rolling cart by the desk my son uses in the craft room, and it’s loaded with the craft supplies he uses most often like pens, pencils, scissors, glue gun, craft paper, etc.

In addition, I also use this three-tier rolling storage cart with organization bins sitting inside. These bins have craft items like glue, crayons, tape, scissors, chalk, and buttons! Both of these rolling carts sit on either side of the desk to give my son and I easy access to supplies. Plus, it gives me vertical storage space that I can move around easily!

Organize Your Craft Paper with Clear Letter Boxes

Paper storage idea for a craft room using acyclic boxes

I love using these Clear Letter Boxes to store my craft scrapbook paper. They look very clean and provide visibility to locate my craft paper easily. Using clear boxes like these keeps the space looking organized and provides ample storage. You can also use clear boxes to display other craft items such as pens, markers, tape, buttons, etc.

Use Decorative Storage Baskets to Store Paint and Other Craft Supplies

Organized craft supplies inside storage baskets

Craft Room Organization ideas for paint

Decorative plastic storage baskets like these are perfect for storing paint and other craft supplies. As you can see from the two pictures above, I placed my baskets on a wire storage rack with levels to maximize my space and provide easy visibility.

I’ve also found that organizing my paintbrushes in a storage container that has divided spaces makes finding the right sized paint brush for projects so much easier.

Add Some Pops of Color with Colorful Metal Buckets

Using metal pails to organize pens in a crafting space

Since I’m obsessed with colors, I decided to use colorful metal buckets to store pens, pencils, and markers for a fun and easy craft room storage idea. I love throwing pops of color around my craft room to brighten up the place since I have so many clear and white storage organizers.

You can find colored buckets at the Target dollar spot, Dollar Store, Amazon, or Michaels for dirt cheap. In addition, you can use these buckets for other things like holding your scissors, tape, buttons, and other craft supplies.

Utilize Vertical Pegboard Storage with Acrylic Shelving

Pegboard filled with organized colorful craft supplies including paintsUsing acrylic shelving on a pegboard for organization

You can maximize your vertical space and create colorful decor with clear acrylic shelves and a pegboard. You can use these shelves to store craft supplies like paint, markers or display cute decorations! I decided to add some clear acrylic shelves like these for my huge peg wall.

As you can see from the picture above, I put items like paint, markers, colorful mason jars, and colorful decor on the shelves. These shelves increase my storage space and give me visibility to easily grab whatever I need. Plus, all the colors give my room massive pops of color! . Additionally you can also add hooks to your pegboard for hanging a variety of craft supplies.

Use Clear Makeup Bins as Pen/Marker Stations

Clear makeup bins being used to organize art supplies

To make finding pens and markers easier, I love using acrylic jewelry/makeup storage! I like using storage like this to organize my supplies because they make locating them much easier. Plus, you can use the slots designed for makeup brushes to organize pens and markers!

Throw in Some Color By Using Painted Mason Jars for Colorful Craft Room Organization

Rainbow Fruit Mason Jar Craft Pen Holder

School Mason Jars Craft for back-to-school, teacher appreciation, teachers gifts and classroom decor.


DIY Glitter Mason Jars

You can use clear or painted Mason Jars to store your craft supplies and organize your pens, pencils, and paint brushes. I decided to use painted Mason Jars to add color to my craft room and give it some character. Learn the best way to create and paint your own mason jars using my fruit mason jar tutorial, school supplies mason jars tutorial or glitter mason jars tutorial.

Set-Up an Area for Filming Art Filming

How to set up a studio to take pictures or video of craft and DIY projects

If you’re an artist and crafter who likes to post art videos, Instagram Reels or Tiktoks a filming set-up is essential in a craft room. Over the years my crafting area and filming area has evolved. Currently I use small craft table and these light boxes (similar lighting option) and ring light for lighting.

For my camera set-up I use this phone stand and film directly from my iPhone. I the phone stand set-up on a rolling storage cart so that it doesn’t shake while filming. And for a simple white background for videos I simply use cheap white foam board that I get at the craft store.

I’ve found that it’s actually easier to have a smaller crafting area when filming so that you don’t overwhelm the space with supplies and mess.

Complete Craft Room Organization Supply List

There you have it! Some easy peasy craft room organization ideas that will completely change how you create! 


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