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How to Paint Mason Jars – Tips and Tricks for Painted Mason Jars

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Painted Mason JarsYou may have seen Mason Jars commonly used as vases and for decorating and organization. However, have you ever seen Painted Mason Jars? Painted Mason Jars are a fun twist on a plain decoration that can really liven up your space. Plus, you can use these Painted Mason Jars to organize your stuff! 

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Since I’m obsessed with all things colorful and happy, I thought I’d add a personal twist to a plain Mason Jar by painting colored mason jars! If you want to know how to paint Mason Jars yourself, keep reading! This article will cover everything you need to know, from materials required to tips and tricks for how to paint mason jars!

Materials Needed to Paint Mason Jars

How to Paint Mason Jars: Step by Step

  1. Unscrew the lids from your Mason Jars and place them upside down on cardboard outside. 
  2. Spray one or two coats of white primer. The primer is the key to painting mason jars and it makes it so that  the acrylic paint easily applies without streaks.
  3. Using a foam paintbrush, paint the first coat of acrylic paint onto your Mason Jar.
  4. Let the first coat dry, then apply a second coat. If you want a third coat, make sure you wait until the second coat is completely dry. 
  5. Using a pencil, outline the expressions of your choice on your Mason Jars.
  6. Take your small paintbrush and paint over the penciled-in faces, adding any details you like. I used black paint for my expressions and added light pink to represent cheeks. I also like to use paint markers to make adding race details even easier. 
  7. To protect your Mason Jars from chipping or scratching, spray the fully-dried Mason Jars with sealant.
  8. Once the above steps are complete, put the lids back on without the top. You can use the jars purely for decoration, or you can use them for storing pens, pencils, markers, etc.

Tips and Tricks for Painting Mason Jars

You may be tempted to use acrylic paints deemed as “multi-surface.” You can use multi-surface acrylic paint, but there is one caveat. For instance, I painted my first layer onto my Mason Jar, and it looked amazing. However, after I painted another layer onto the Mason Jar, it started peeling!

My number one tip for preventing your paint from peeling is using primer for smooth paint application. Primer is my secret weapon when using acrylic paint to paint over certain surfaces like glass. Once I used primer on my other Mason Jars, the paint glided right over the glass and looked phenomenal!Painted Mason Jars

Some Helpful Q&A:

Where else can I use these Mason Jars?

You can use these Painted Mason Jars in your bathroom to organize your makeup brushes, as succulent holders, utensil holders, or whatever else you want! I used my Painted Mason Jars to organize my craft room and add a little color to my space!

Another area that would be great for putting these Painted Mason Jars is in a classroom! Kids love colorful things, and these would be an excellent organizational tool to use in the classroom! The beauty of these adorable Painted Mason Jars is that you can use them wherever you want!

Where can I find acrylic craft paint?

You can find acrylic craft paint on Amazon, Michael’s, or any other craft store. Here are a few of my favorite acrylic paint brands to use this brand and this brand and this brand.

Is this craft suitable for little ones?

Absolutely! However, make sure you’re with your little one when they complete this craft, as it can get messy. You can also substitute glass mason jars with plastic mason jars. I also suggest using a washable paint when crafting with younger children. 

What other mason jar ideas can I paint?

There are so many other fun painted mason jar ideas you can make. You can fruit painted mason jars or school supplies painted mason jars. You can even add glitter and make glitter mason jars. Rainbow Fruit Painted Mason Jars

School Supplies Painted Mason JarsDIY Glitter Mason Jars


I hope you enjoyed this craft as much as I did! I love making colorful happy things, and this craft hit the spot. If you make these Painted Mason Jars, make sure to tag me on social media so that I can see your beautiful creations! If you like this craft, let me know, and I’ll continue making more like this!

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