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Playroom Tour – With Lots of DIY Ideas

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After posting about our Alphabet Wall, I had some requests asking to see what the rest of our playroom looked like. So here it is in all its glory (I did straighten it up during nap time. I’m sure it will be destroyed again shortly).


kids playroom decor
(This post contains affiliate links for your convenience.)
The main focal point of the room is our ABC wall. Since it has a lot going on, I thought we needed a bright couch to anchor it into place. I didn’t want to spend a fortune and was happy to find just the right playroom futon at Target (looks like they only have it available in blue now). I’m not going to lie, it’s not the most comfortable couch in the world, but kids don’t seem to mind.
Fun kids playroom
I always feel happy in this room full of fun and cheerful colors.
Playroom storage
For toy storage, I liked the idea of small toys all having a place to be put away. Two IKEA Expedit shelving units provided more than enough storage. The woven storage baskets are from IKEA as well and the other storage bins are part of Target’s ITSO storage line.
Kids ball pit
Whenever we have play dates, the ball pit is one of the most popular hangouts in the playroom. Seriously the kids LOVE it! We’ve had this ball pit since Jake was 6 months old and it’s still one of his favorite toys. You can easily make your own with an inflatable swimming pool and pit balls (we used 200).
Our easel and road play mat are recent additions and can be found at IKEA.  The colorful tunnel in the background is another toddler favorite and can be found here.
Great toddler and kids train table
Jake’s train table was a Christmas present from Papa & G’ma and is probably the most used item in our the room. The train table is from Toys R Us and was purchased on sale for $119 at Christmas time. The table includes all of the tracks and structures you see in the picture above (such a deal compared to other brands I looked at). I did a ton of research on train tables beforehand and I think that this is one of the best values you can find. Unfortunately it’s not on sale right now, but I know for the the last few years, usually in November and December, it has gone on sale so keep a look out if you have a little train conductor in your family.
Our lego table is actually just this awesome plastic train table (Jake’s favorite toy until he got his Christmas train table), with Duplo baseplates added on top. I used removable adhesive strips to keep the plates in place.
DIY magnetic board for kids
And no playroom is complete without a magnetic board. This was actually one of my first Pinterest inspired creations. The original post by Nic and Kate can be found here. This idea is completely genius! All you need is a $10 oil drip pan, usually found in the automotive section at Walmart. Since it’s not very pretty on it’s own, a coat of spray paint dresses it up nicely. I don’t remember exactly what we used to hang it on the wall, but I think it was some sort of velcro, removable adhesive strip. You can find our fun letter magnets here and the adorable harley bike rocker here.
Hope you enjoyed the tour. I imagine this room will be a work in progress as Jake gets older. For now the next project on the agenda is a number wall that will reside right above the magnetic board. Can’t wait to share it with you once it’s done
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