Galaxy Painting Tutorials for Beginners

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There’s something relaxing, amazing, and awe-inspiring about the galaxy. If you’re like me and want to decorate everything with the galaxy, you need to check out these galaxy painting ideas. I’ve painted everything from pencil pouches to wood and I would love to share these creative ideas with you. These works of art are fantastic for decorating your space, organizing your art materials, or special gifts to loved ones. Take a look at all of these cool galaxy-painted objects that give you a variety of options and the different ways you can use them. You will love these easy acrylic painting ideas that are great for beginners and have step-by-step directions for painting galaxies. Learn everything from how to blend, the best colored paint to use, to using a sponge technique and how to create layers of color. Galaxy Painting Ideas

How to Paint Galaxy Painted LeavesGalaxy Painting

Regardless of the season, leaves are a fun art tool to turn into a masterpiece. You will need pressed leaves, acrylic paint, brushes, a foam brush, a nail dotting tool, and a black paint marker. When searching for leaves, be sure to find leaves that have plenty of surface area so you can create your scene with the brushes you have on hand. I use a toothbrush or paintbrush to gently flick white paint specks onto my black canvas. It’s a fun twist on abstract painting.

Get lost in these Galaxy Painted Leaves as you create your own sky full of warm and cool colors. Each one will be unique like our view of the sky is. This is a great activity for both kids and adults and can be completed any time of year when you can find leaves lying around. Check out the step-by-step tutorial by clicking the link above.

Galaxy Painted Pencil PouchGalaxy Painted Pencil Pouch


Pencil pouches are a necessity for storing my art supplies. I always have several of them on hand, but I don’t like them plain and boring. I like to brighten them up with some colorful paint. These Galaxy Painted Pencil Pouches are made of canvas. I used acrylic ink to make the sky, moon, planets and rainbow paint drips. Start by painting the black background. Then, I added the white stars and dots using a nail dotting tool.

Not only are pencil pouches perfect for organization around the house, but they also make great travel carrying cases when I take art on the road. Read more about how I created these pencil pouches by clicking here.

Galaxy Painting on Wood

Galaxy PaintingWood is one of my favorite mediums. I love the diversity of the tree slices and everything you can make with them. I just had to paint galaxies on slices of wood. The technique is the same as other mediums but these make perfect ornaments, gifts, decorations, and so much more. The wood allows you to create larger stars in your painting.

In this tutorial, I incorporate a heart so it can be given as a gift, but you can easily use a different shape as the dark background instead. I love how the dark color of the background gives a great contrast to galaxy painting colors and the white stars and specks that get painted on last. Take a look at how these Galaxy Wood Paintings are made and follow the basic steps to create your own.

Painting Galaxy Art on ShellsGalaxy Painting

Since I love painting rocks so much, I had to try shells as well. It’s safe to say, I’ve fallen in love. It’s so much fun to gather beautiful shells from the store or beaches we visit. I make sure to find whole shells of varying shapes and sizes to decorate with fun images, like outer space. If you haven’t used alcohol inks before, painting shells with them is a perfect place to start.

Learn how to paint Galaxy Shells by watching my video tutorial and learning about all the supplies you will need. These beautiful crafts make amazing decorations for beach houses, your home, or to give as sweet gifts to loved ones. Note that it’s a good idea to let this type of paint dry completely because the alcohol paint stains fingers.

Making Galaxy Painted PumpkinsGalaxy Pumpkins

Galaxy Painted Pumpkins are a super fun activity for the fall. Paint a gorgeous galaxy on a small or large pumpkin to decorate your home. You will need different colors of acrylic paint, paint brushes, an old toothbrush, pumpkins, and black spray paint. These are best painted outside or on a protective cover if you stay indoors.

Add a little sparkle to these festive pumpkins by painting on a coat of sparkle nail polish. I love the spiral galaxy, tiny stars, and textured look of this craft.

Galaxy Painted RocksGalaxy Painted Rocks

Lastly but not least are Galaxy Painted Rocks. If I haven’t already said it, I love painting rocks. There’s something so satisfying about finding a smooth rock and jazzing it up with colorful paints. They make easy painting activities for everyone and there’s no extra cost because you can find rocks anywhere.

Follow the simple steps on the blog post in the link above to see how you can create galaxies on rocks as well using a sponge and  acrylic paint. The best part is using toothbrush bristles to create splatter stars. Rock painting supplies are super simple and great for all ages. I use painting to decompress and express myself, and you can too.


I hope you are excited to get started with these beautiful galaxy paintings ideas. They are an easy way to take simple objects and make them beautiful with shades of dark blue and lighter colors. Have fun creating your own galaxy painting!

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