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Printable Unicorn Craft for Kids – Free Unicorn Template

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Fun unicorn crafts are always popular among kids of all age groups and are a great way to have some fun creating art. With this free printable unicorn craft, kids can enjoy designing their own whimsical unicorns. This easy craft is great for little hands and would be perfect for birthday parties, a unicorn party and other unicorn events. See below the step-by-step directions on how to make this fun and easy unicorn craft.Printable Unicorn Craft for Kids This cute unicorn craft was created by guest contributor, Lucia of Lulumake, who has has been creating toys and crafts for family and friends since childhood. Lucia is a former preschool teacher, digital creator, and craft enthusiast of sophisticated and simple objects that inspire and delight young and old alike. If you like this craft, be sure to check out Lucia’s current online classes for kids and visit Lulumake on Instagram for more easy kid crafts.

Unicorn Craft Supplies (affiliate links provided for convenience)

  • Watercolor Paper 
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • Unicorn Free Template (see download link on Step 1 directions)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil 
  • Long piece of cardboard or a Squeegee 
  • Permanent Marker
  • Glitter Paint 
  • Cardstock Paper 
  • Ruler or Paper Cutter 
  • Glue 
  • Optional: Paper puncher 

Directions for Easy Printable Unicorn Craft

Step 1: Print the free unicorn template by clicking the link below. Cut out the unicorn and then trace it onto a watercolor paper. Cut it out of the watercolor paper. Be sure to cut the head and horn separately.

Click here to Download the unicorn template here

Free Printable Unicorn Craft for Kids

Step 2: Squeeze a little bit of pink, purple, and blue acrylic paint onto the bottom left edge. You can also create a rainbow unicorn or use any colors you like. 

Step 3: Use a long piece of cardboard or squeegee to carefully scrape the paint across to create a half rainbow. Let it dry.

Step 4: Use the permanent marker to create a sleepy eye. Don’t forget the eyelashes! 

Step 5: Draw a heart shape underneath the eye. One side of the heart can be pink and the other side can be purple. You can always cut out a little heart shape, paint it and once the paint is dry, simply glue it underneath the eye. This will be the unicorn’s cheek.

Step 6: For the unicorn’s nose, color in a little circle. You can also use a paper puncher to cut out a little circle and paint it and glue it down. 

Step 7: Use acrylic paint to paint the horn. If you like, add glitter paint on top of the acrylic paint. Let it dry. Once dry, glue it to the unicorn’s head. 

Step 8: Draw a little triangle for the unicorn’s inner ear.  Color it any color you like. 

Step 9: Next create the unicorn’s mane. You can make a rainbow mane, choose several colors or use only one color. You can use colored paper or use the scrape art technique to make it more unique. If you are using the scrape technique, squeeze the colors of acrylic paint you’d like the mane to be onto a cardstock paper. Using a piece of cardboard, carefully scrap the paint down and up again. Make sure the whole paper is covered in paint. Let it dry.

Step 11: In the meantime, you can prepare your background paper for the unicorn. Squeeze a little bit of blue and purple acrylic paint (or any colors you choose) onto the watercolor paper.  Use the scrape technique, using a piece of cardboard to spread the paint.  

Step 12: Once the paint for the mane is dry, cut the paper into 8 stripes (1inch  x  8.5 inch).

Step 13: Pick one strip and apply the glue on its edges to make a raindrop shape. Then apply the glue one more time and stick it to the unicorn’s head. Start by the ear and move down. Once you stick all the stripes, glue the unicorn onto the background paper of your choice. Printable Unicorn Craft for Kids

Your Magical Unicorn is complete! Hope you’ve enjoyed this easy unicorn craft idea from Lucia of Lulumake. I’d love to see your finished unicorn. Be sure to tag me on social media @Colormadehappy. 

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